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COOLKITS Coffee filter

COOLKITS Coffee filter

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Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Origin: Mainland China

CN: Guangdong

Shape: Basket

Material: Paper

Filter Type: Disposable Filters

Name: 51mm Coffee Filter Paper

Type: 53mm Coffee Filter Paper

Style 01: 58mm Coffee Filter Paper

Style 02: 54mm Coffee Filter Paper

Style 03: coffee filter paper 58mm

Style 04: Coffee Filter Paper

Style 05: coffee filter paper case

Style 06: coffee filter paper round

Style 07: coffee filter paper reusable

Style 08: coffee filter paper bag

Style 09: coffee filter paper white

Style 10: Coffee paper

Style 11: coffee paper filter

Style 12: coffee paper bags

Style 13: coffee paper 58mm

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100pcs/200pcs/300pcs/400pcs 51mm/53mm Coffee Filter Paper 58mm Handle Powder Bowl Round Filter Paper Secondary Water Paper Filter Coffee Accessories


There are options of 100pcs/200pcs/300pcs/400pcs in this link. Please read the description carefully before buying.

Different quantities, different prices!


The product has two options: with box or no box,pls buy the one you need .

Name: coffee machine filter paper

Material: raw wood pulp

Size: 51mm/53mm/54mm/58mm

What this product does

The filter paper can be placed at the bottom of the powder bowl and above the pressed powder at the same time, which can effectively improve the extraction rate

1. Help the powder cake to be better formed and reduce the channel effect caused by extraction to improve the yield. The filter paper is placed on the top of the pressed powder, which can disperse the water flow of the brewing head and make the water flow more uniform.

2. Coffee powder can effectively assist the forming of powder cake, and can also effectively isolate the coffee grounds powder and the brewing head, and will not affect the water flow pressure, and the brewing head is clean and hygienic

The filter paper is placed at the bottom of the powder bowl, which can alleviate the channel effect caused by uneven powder distribution, reduce

3. Less spray of coffee liquid, very few fine powders in filtered coffee liquid

(Some friends may have fine powder in the coffee liquid after extraction)


*High tenacity fibers are fine and uniform without agglomeration

* The paper is fine and has a uniform thickness and good toughness, which can prevent the flow of small coffee grounds and extract pure and fragrant coffee.

* Effectively improve extraction efficiency

*Coffee machine powder bowl filter paper to reduce the splash of coffee

Package included

100pcs/200pcs/300pcs/400pcs Coffee Filter paper

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